• While other products often fall flat, the Enther Bath Bombs Gift Set is designed to offer quality, relaxation and tons of bubbles in seconds. Naturally perfumed by premium essential oils, our organic bath bombs are perfect for the ultimate bath experience..
  • No more awkward moments when your bath bomb won’t dissolve at all. With the Enther Bath Bombs Gift Set you have 100% dissolving with no oily smell. Instead, our natural bath bombs bubble on contact with the water, offering you calm, relaxation and happiness..
  • Enther Bath Bombs contains only organic, edible pigments. There are no dyes or unwanted chemicals, so our products are safe for kids and adults!.
  • The Enther Bath Bombs are large at 3.17oz, so they are great for a long bath. You also have a hassle free 90-day return as well as complete support for your purchase..
  • Enther Bath Bombs are FDA certified, and they are great for aromatherapy sessions and stress relief. If you feel stressed, depressed and you want to find a new perspective on life, then enjoying a bath with the Enther Bath Bombs Gift Set can be the right pick. The premium packaging and multiple scents make this product a great gift for loved ones as too!.
  • Imported from USA.
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