• DEEP CLEANSING: Lemon Peel Oil effectively eliminates dirt and other impurities from the skin with its antiseptic properties, making this a premier deep cleansing gel face mask..
  • FIGHT ACNE: Astringent properties in Lemon will fight acne by deeply cleansing, tightening pores and balancing your skins natural oil production, making it perfect for oil control..
  • MOISTURIZING: Vitamin B gently moisturizes the skin and helps to reduce redness. Green Tea boosts collagen production helping skin cells regenerate. Hyaluronic Acid keeps skin looking healthy and nourished..
  • ANTIOXIDANT: Lemon and Vitamin B Mask is a rich citrus-blend that works to clears pores, brighten complexion, and nourish the skin with antioxidants. Vitamin B is known for softening and hydrating while simultaneously smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. This burst of antioxidants will leave skin balanced, bright and silky smooth..
  • ANTI-AGING: Hyaluronic Acid will dramatically enhance the texture and tone of aging skin, making this an outstanding anti-aging gel face mask. Being rich Vitamin C content, Apple Extract reduces the size of pores, fights acne, and rejuvenates the look of aging skin..
  • Imported from USA.
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Lemon Face Brightening & Radiance Gel Mask Vitamin B Vegan Hydrating Acne Fighter Moisture Repair Antioxidant Anti-Aging for All Type Skin Natural Organic Ingredients Hyaluronic Acid for Men-Women 8oz