• Has a loved one recently been diagnosed and you simply don't know how to help? Consider our Kicking Chemo Bucket.
  • This cancer care kit comes packed with everything your warrior needs to help in the fight..
  • Our cancer treatment gifts include the following: (1) 50x60 Cancer Pals Signature Plush Blanket, (1) pr of comfy socks, (1) 8oz bottle of Biotene Mouthwash, (1) 8oz bottle of Cancer Pals Signature Shower Gel.
  • Also included in the chemotherapy care package is: (1) 2oz bottle of Cancer Pals Signature Unscented Hand Lotion, (1) tin of Cancer Pals Signature Peppermint Candies; (2) tubes of Bees Best Peppermint Lip balm and (1) Chicken Soup for the Soul Word Search Book.
  • The chemo gift basket is great for both the pick-me-up that is needed and also is loaded with practical items.
  • Imported from UK.
WHY A BUCKET? We are all too aware that those who battle cancer and chemo often times suffer from being sick. A cheery bucket made all the difference to our warrior when he was very sick, so we put together this colorful bucket filled with items to hopefully make the tough times a little brighter. WHAT IS INCLUDED: • CANCER PALS SIGNATURE 50x60 PLUSH BLANKET For those cold treatment centers • COMFY SOCKS (color may vary) For warmth for those tired feet • BIOTENE ORAL MOUTH RINSE (8oz) To help soothe sore mouth • CANCER PALS SIGNATURE UNSCENTED SHOWER GEL (8oz) for those overly sensitive noses • CANCER PALS SIGNATURE UNSCENTED HAND LOTION (2oz)-For dry hands and skin • CANCER PALS ANTIBACTERIAL UNSCENTED HAND WIPES (15 count) You can never have too many antibacterial wipes • CANCER PALS NAUSEA PALS a tin of peppermint candies (peppermint sometimes helps with nausea) • (2) BEES BEST PEPPERMINT LIP BALM For dry/chapped lips • CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL WORD SEARCH BOOK • MEDIUM SIZED BUCKET WITH HANDLEof these items are hand packed into a medium sized bucket. The bucket can be used for many things, but our warrior used it as his sick bucket. But most of all it's great for your patient just to set it on their bedside table as a reminder that NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE!

Cancer Chemotherapy Care Package Gift Basket-Kicking Chemo Bucket

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