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  • New 9V AC Adapter Replacement for BOSS Roland Guitar Effects Pedal Series: AC-2 AC-3 AD-2 AD-3 AD-5 AD-8 AW-2 AW-3 BD-2 BD-2W DS-1 DS-1X DS-2 BE-5 BE-5B BE-5M BF-1 BF-2 BF-2B BF-3 BR-532 BR-864 BR-80 BR-600 BR-800 CE-2 CE-2B CE-2W CE-3 CEB-3 CE-5 CE-20 CH-1 CS-1 CS-2 CS-3 DC-2 DC-3 DB-66 DB-88 DB-90 DD-2 DD-3 DD-5 DD-6 DD-6 DD-7 DD-20 DD-500 DF-2 DM-2 DM-2W DM-3 DN-2, Dr. Rhythm DR-3 DR-5 DR-55 DR-110 DR-220 DR-202 DR-550 DR-550 MKII DR-670 DRP-1 DRP-2 DRP-3 DS-1 DS-2 DSD-2 DSD-3 EH-2.
  • Fits BOSS EQ-20 FBM-1 FC-50 FDR-1 FRV-1 FT-2 FW-3 FZ-2 FZ-3 FZ-5 FS-5U FS-5L FS-6 FS-7 GT-1 GT-1B GE-6 GE-7 GE-7B GEB-7 GP-10 GP-10S GP-10GK GP-20 HC-2 HF-2 HM-2 HM-3 HR-2 JB-2 LM-2 LM-2B LMB-3 LS-2 MA-1 MD-2 MD-500 ME-20 ME-20B ME-25 ME-30 ME-33 ME-50 ME-50B ME-70 ME-70B ME-80 ME-X MICRO BR ML-2 MPD-4 MT-2 MZ-2 MS-3 NS-2 OC-2 OC-3 OD-1X OD-2 OD-2R OD-3 OD-20 ODB-3 OS-2 PC-2 PD-1 PH-1 PH-1R PH-2 PH-3 PN-2 PQ-3B PQ-4 PS-2 PS-3 PS-5 PS-6 PSM-5 PV-1 PW-1 PW-2 PW-10 RBF-10 RC-1 RC-2 Music Instrument.
  • Fits BOSS RC-3 RC-20 RC-20XL RC-30 RC-50 RCE-10 RCL-10 RDD-10 RDD-20 RE-20 RGE-10 ROD-10 RPD-10 RPH-10 RPQ-10 RPS-10 RPW-7 SI-80S SI-80SP RRV-10 RSD-10 RT-20 RV-2 RV-3 RV-5 SD-1 SD-2 SL-20 SP-1 SP-202 SP-303 SP-404 ST-2 SYB-3 SYB-5 TR-2 TU-2 TU-3 TU-88 TU-12 TU-12S TU-12EX TU-12HA TU-12BW TU-15 TU-1000 VE-2 VE-20 VO-1 XT-2 9V 0.5A Roland TMC-6 SP-302 D2 JV-1010 Synthsesizer Module PC160 PC-160A FBM1 FDR1 FRV1 FZ5 ME-20 ME-20B ME-25 DM-2 DM-3 Cat. No. 273-1656 ACA, Dunlop ECB-03, Zoom AD-0006;.
  • Fits Roland EP-3 EP-5 Piano BOSS GFC-50 MCR-8 PG-10 PG-300 PG-1000 Controller RS-9 R5-9 Keyboard Synth EDIROL PCR-30 PCR-M30 PCR-50 PCR-80 PCR-800 PSAS PSA S Roland ACR MICRO CUBE ACA-120 PSA-120 PSA-120S PSA120T PSA-120T PSA120S PSA-230S ACA-120G PSA-100S PSA-1005 PSA100S PSA-100S2 HKA00509005-2P HKA005090052P JET PSA-120S2 DC IN 9V 90mA 100mA 160mA 200mA 300mA 400mA 500mA 600mA 670mA 700mA 800mA 1000mA 1A Power Supply;.
  • Please check your model before purchase. If you unable find your model here please contact us with your product name and model information we will help you find right adapter/ charger..
  • Imported from USA.
YUSTDA Platinum Quality Features: * Overload Protection with High Quality Wires * Over-charge/discharge protection * Overheating Protection with Smart Chip * Anti-Interference Feature with better Isolation Materials * Short-circuit protection * Fully compatible with the original laptops * Tested with strict quality control standards Buy with confidence! * 24 Month Warranty * Ship the same or next business day Guaranteed * 24 x 7 Email Support * 100% New Components - never refurbished, recycles, or used * 100% OEM Compatible - Guaranteed to meet the specifications of your original device Copyright YUSTDA All Rights Reserved.

9V AC Adapter Replacement for Boss Roland Effects DS-1 CS-2 SD-1 GE-7 OC-2 PH-2 AC-3 AD-3 DD-6 DM-2 DR-5 HC-2 DR-202 OS-2 PQ-4 PV-1 EP-3 EP-5 TD-6 PSA-120T PSA-230S ACR-120 ACA-120 9VDC Power

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