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Confirm your virginity on the wedding night! Due to the high demand, the artificial hymen was further developed in collaboration with VirginiaCare and a research laboratory. With VirginiaCare Advanced, the effect of fresh blood can now be achieved. Store dry. Shelf life 12 months. VirginiaCare's artificial hymen, which is Halal-compliant, is made from a cellulose compound. In heat and moisture, they dissolve completely without residue. This effect occurs after a short time due to friction. You should insert the artificial hymen vaginally into the inner septum 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. Water-soluble lubricant can be used to facilitate insertion. We also recommend the previous exercise (there are 2 hymen in each VirginiaCare pack). In addition, the vaginal entrance can be narrowed in advance with our Revitalize100 firming gel. This leads to a narrowed feeling that rounds off the impression of virginity. During and after the penetration, limbs, sheets and vagina have a blood-like residue that simulates the amount of blood when deflowered. The residue is visually identical to real blood. After sexual intercourse, the residues can be easily washed off the skin. The blood-like liquid is just as difficult to wash off textiles as real blood.

Artificial Hymen VirginiaCare 2 Pcs.