• PERFORMANCE FIRST; we would not risk a faulty decal eraser wheel on our cars and we offer the same product here to you; when creating our car decal remover we searched for the top scientific rubber formulas to achieve world class results; a sticker remover wheel needs to be made of just the right rubber compound that will guarantee a breakdown of old decals without damaging your paintwork; we are car guys who love cars so you can be sure that we have done our homework with this product.
  • GET IT DONE QUICKLY; who wants to spend all weekend removing old decals right; our decal remover eraser wheel does exactly what it's supposed to do and removes all forms of decals fast and easy with minimal elbow grease but without damaging finished surfaces; get the worst sun baked old decals and the adhesive glue behind the decal off very quickly in your garage or driveway; no dangerous solvents razor blades heat or grinders required; the kit comes with all parts needed to get the job done.
  • WILL NOT DAMAGE OR REMOVE PAINT; safe on all painted or hard surfaces that have a protective coating including painted fiberglass bumpers and auto body panels; our vinyl remover will remove adhesive tape stickers decals and vinyl wrap from your cars boat RV bike trailer home or office windows; suitable for many industries including marine, automotive home improvement and cleaning; it makes a very good windshield cleaner too; not for use on raw materials such as plastic or aluminum however.
  • HOLDS UP TO ANY JOB; this rubber eraser wheel comes highly recommended by our past customers including industry pros; See actual customer videos in the Video section further down this page; You'll be left wondering why professional detailing jobs are so pricy after using our rubber wheel; get that old workhorse ready for sale in a flash; be it a Chevy truck hood or a Porsche bumper or a Jeep door this vinyl decal remover is the perfect rapid solution to a super job on many surfaces.
  • WARRANTIES APPLY - this product will work as advertised or a 30 Day Money Back and 1 Year Product Replacement guarantee is offered; so go ahead and use our adhesive remover wheel without any risk to you; also let us see your results; your projects are our inspiration and we love to see our products put to good use.
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  • Imported from USA.
DECALS BE GONE Works very fast, you will be done in minutes: this specially formulated soft rubber wheel will sacrifice itself on your surface as it removes graphics, stickers, wraps, dried on decals, tape, stripes, pinstripe and glue with quick results. No attachments or extra tools needed, simply use the sticker eraser at home, following our easy instructions supplied to you. BENEFITS TO YOU A rapid decal and goo free result without hiring a detailing expert Take care of the job cheaply and to a high level Keep it in your shed and you can tackle any future job quick and easy YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR Not the Cheapest But the Best for all types of applications from a car emblem adhesive to a boat decal. Set your drill to 1000rpm - 4000rpm and watch the results happen before your eyes. We love cars, auto products, and have been around them all our lives. With us, you are buying years of experience in the automotive field. So don't risk it on an unknown product, buy from the experts. We tortured the Horus Works car sticker remover before we ever put it on sale. We tried all available rubber formulas and quality tested it’s performance to confirm that our final erasers are one of the very best. With that comes the promise of a quality rubber wheel decal remover. We only use the very best on our cars and you will get the same top-quality eraser wheel decal remover tool that we use. Use it on: body paint, painted fiberglass, chrome or lettering on glass, and see it clear the surface without damage. This sticker remover tool is a great adhesive remover for cars bikes glass and boats and it will get the job done and fast. Money back guarantee if not 100% satisfied. Also if the product breaks within a year, we will replace it for you free of charge. So don't wait! Click on the Add to Cart or Buy Now button now.

Eraser Wheel Decal Remover - Sticker and Adhesive Removal Rubber Disk with Power Drill Attachment - Remove Vinyl Decals with Ease - Will Not Scratch Paint or Glass - Proudly Made by Car Enthusiasts