• ✔️ NO MORE WASTED TIME - Stop searching high and low for the only lid to fit that sippy cup. This universal lid will screw on to virtually any bottle out there, making it an excellent alternative..
  • ✔️ SAVE SPACE - When you’re going on a trip, whether for a few hours or a week, don’t worry about bringing every cup and lid you’ve got. All you need is our bottle top, and it will fit on them all!.
  • ✔️ STRETCH YOUR DOLLAR - Let’s face it, sippy cups for toddlers are expensive. The future is here, quit buying them. Reuse this lid over and over on any plastic bottle you can find..
  • ✔️ SUPER CONVENIENT - You don’t have as much bottle washing to do, no extra filling, accidental spilling between pouring quickly, and toddlers spilling. One lid. That’s all..
  • ✔️ GET GREEN - Not only is our sippy cup bottle cap BPA-free and dishwasher safe, but it is also planet-friendly. Use traditionally disposable plastic bottles with ease and recycle the plastics..
  • Imported from USA.
Are your cupboards a scattered mess of mismatched lids and sippies?< br> You haven’t even seen the sippy cup that yellow top goes to in months, yet you’ve still washed it twice this week. Yesterday, before heading to work, you had one clean cup and wasted fifteen minutes searching for its lid. So, you just gave up and washed the juice-stained cup he used yesterday. We won’t get you started on how badly they all leak. One single drop and a “leak-proof” sippy cup breaks its seal. Somehow, you’ve got sour milk stains on your couch, purple blots on the carpet, and your darling toddler’s new light-colored vest is a goner. Fit N Seal Sippy Cup Bottle Top is your time-saving, money-hoarding, hassle-halting genie...for a bottle. Getting your toddler a drink is almost never convenient, but those kiddos get thirsty, and the best thing for all parties is hydration. We’ve come to every parent’s aid by restoring ease to a little corner of your life. No need to pull over to refill a sippy cup. Just pop in our top, and it’s primed and ready. Forgot to bring water? Stop at any store and grab a beverage container or two. Our seal prevents leaks and spills, and eliminates the need for a drawer full of sippy cups and lids. Save time and money. Refuse to look for lost lids and stop buying obsolete, landfill-loading, plastic sippy cups. It’s time to say ‘no’ to spills. Still not convinced? Here are some additional benefits: ✔️ Easy to clean, right in the dishwasher ✔️ On-the-go lifestyles are our forte ✔️ Convenient 2-pack: 1 for small-mouth, 1 for large-mouth bottles ✔️ Takes the guesswork out of sippy cup buying ✔️ Excellent gift for any toddler or mom in your life Make the switch and ditch the sippies. Add Fit N Seal Sippy Cup Bottle Top to your cart TODAY!

Fit n Seal Sippy Cup Bottle Top - Spill Proof Sippy Top for Toddlers Drinking Water, Juice or Milk Plastic Bottles - Reusable, No BPA, Non-Leak Universal Lid for Travel - Gift for Busy Parents