• About this item.
  • FeedWale FlocBiotic is a rich probiotic used in BioFloc Fish Farming, it is a naturally occurring bacteria, nutrients, micro and macro minerals which helps in the growth of floc, phytoplankton and natural blooms..
  • It creates and maintains high water quality to create an ideal environment for the better growth of aquatic animals..
  • It oxidises ammonia to form nitrates. Enhances natural nitrification cycle to convert nitrates into Nitric oxide, Nitrous oxide and harmless nitrogen..
  • It improves the uptake of nutrients and their retention in the soil. It converts complex compounds to simple form for easy bio degradation..
  • It is effective in wide range of salinity (0-50ppt) and pH. Functions well in >28 Degree C to 50 Degree C.
  • Imported from India.
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FeedWale FlocBiotic Special Probiotic for BioFloc Fish Farming Multi Strain Probiotics 15 Billion CFU/gm 500 G for 10…