• St John's wort is a superb massage oil; but it also helps with cuts, scrapes, minor burns, sore muscles and growing pains..
  • St Johns wort helps with muscle strain and tension. The more you use it, the better it is. You can massage it into tense, sore muscles several times a day and it helps to relax the muscles..
  • St. John's wort has a vulnerary action on the skin, which means it helps the skin to regenerate and heal..
  • If you apply St. John's wort oil several times a day to a cut, it will reduce the scarring. St. John's wort oil reduces the redness that can contribute to a scar. It can also help reduce old scars..
  • St. John's wort also is known as klamath weed, John's wort, amber touch-and-heal, goatweed, rosin rose, and millepertuis..
  • Imported from UK.
Product description ------------------- St. John's wort oil is one of my most used home remedies! The oil of hypericum has a very bright color of a beautiful bright red and intense given by a pigment called hypericin that is present in yellow flowers and leaves. Our oils are for topical use only. The herb is extracted into cold-pressed, Certified Organic Olive oil. We assure herb identity via macroscopic and organoleptic analysis, then confirm it through methods such as HPTLC fingerprinting specific to each herb. For External Use Only. This herbal infusion is made from dried organic St John's Wort flowers infused in Certified Organic cold pressed olive oil. This infused oil is used has been known to soothe sunburn and relieve nerve pain, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, strains. Relaxing and moisturising massage body oil. Relaxes muscle strain or a stiff neck with a gentle massage. Suitable for a vegan lifestyle and all skin types (sensitive skin- approved). St John's Wort Hypericum infused oil for internal and topical applications. This unique red oil has been used for centuries for health and well being. The perfect mix of ingredients in just one package: Olea europaea. Hypericum perforatum Uses of Saint John's Wort Infused Olive Oil Great for burns, reddened skin and bruises Healing of sores and ulcers Calming for neuralgia and sciatica (inflamed) nerves Can be helpful for sunburned skin. Has been shown to plump up the intervertebral discs of the spine- relieving back pain Varicose Veins Please note that the infused oil does not offer anti-depressant benefits and should not be taken internally. St John's Wort is known to be photo-toxic. If applied to the skin, stay out of the s so exposed to the sun until several hours have passed. Indications ----------- St. John's Wort oil has always been known as oil that is applied to all wounds. P.when('A').execute(function(A) { A.on('a:expander:toggle_description:toggle:collapse', function(data) { window.scroll(0, data.expander.$expander[0].offsetTop-100); }); }); Ingredients ----------- St. John's wort (lat. Hypericum perforatum) is one of the most widely used medicinal plants.It is prepared in quality cold pressed olive oil.. Directions ---------- St. John's Wort oil is a great choice for a massage because of its favorable effect on the circulation. See more ( javascript:void(0) )

St. John's Wort Oil 250 ml Red Elixir for Pain Relief Concentrated Pure Oil 100% Natural Hypericum Oil Cold Infused St John Wort Oil Hypericum perforatum

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