• ✅ TNE Brand Mics: When buying a TNE product you know that you will always be getting the highest quality product; our mics are compatible with headphones for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, Nintendo and computer's.
  • ✅ Specially Made: Your mic has been made just for your model headset; Will Only Work For HyperX Cloud Revolver, HyperX Cloud Revolver S, HyperX Cloud Flight; Will only work for the wireless Flight or the wired Revolver models will not work for any other HyperX model headset.
  • ✅ Included Items: 1x 3.5mm game mic with foam cover plus 1x extra foam cover pop filter in TNE packaging. TNE mics are developed as cost-effective alternatives to OEM parts.
  • ✅ High Quality: clear sound, noide cancelling, bendable 360 degrees and will stay in place where you put it. Exactly the right length to reach your mouth.
  • ✅ Money Back Guarantee: Our guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied email us for a full refund; your satisfaction is our top priority.
  • Imported from USA.
1x TNE brand HyperX Cloud Replacement mic 3.5mm gaming microphone boom with foam cover plus 1x extra foam cover pop filter piece in TNE packaging for HyperX Cloud Flight wireless headphones or the HyperX Cloud Revolver/Revolver S wired headphones. The Mic Replacement has been made specially for your headset and we test every mic with our Cloud Revolver or Flight headset before sending it to you. We guarantee you that it will work but it only works with these 3 headsets it will not work with any other HyperX headset. If your not sure what you have please look on the inside of your headband and it will say what you have if your not sure please email us what it says and we will tell you what you have. If you think your new mic won't fit or have any questions or concerns please contact us so we can help you. We can help you get your headset back working again so you can get back to gaming. If your microphone stopped working and you receive our mic and it doesn't work there is a good chance that it is your headset that is defective. If you receive a mic that don't work please don't worry just send us an email we will help you get your mic working even if it means sending you a different mic if you bought the wrong one. please contact us so we can help you. TNE mics are developed as cost-effective alternatives to OEM parts. They are not necessarily endorsed by the OEMs. Included Items 1x Microphone with foam cover piece for the HyperX Cloud Flight and Revolver and Revolver S headsets 1x extra foam cover TNE Packaging

Replacement Cloud Flight/Revolver Game Mic TNE 3.5mm Microphone Boom for Kingston HyperX Cloud Flight and HyperX Cloud Revolver/Revolver S PS4 Xbox One Computer PC Mac Gaming Headsets

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