• Soft feeding reservoir at the tip to allow babies with breastfeeding difficulties to lap milk and to control the pace of their feeding..
  • Mothers can express milk directly into the cup..
  • Capacity 40 mL, with measuring scale 5-40 mL for monitoring of consumed volume..
  • Highly durable silicone rubber material for use with heat-based disinfection methods, i.e. boiling and autoclaving..
  • Designed in cooperation with Seattle Children's Hospital and Program for Appropriate Technology in Healthcare (PATH). Winner of DOGA Award for Design and Architecture 2017..
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  • Imported from UK.
Laerdal Nifty Feeding Cup is a reusable cup for feeding breast milk to newborns with breastfeeding difficulties. The front feeding reservoir permits baby to actively feed (lap) from the reservoir at her own pace. Specifications: Cup size 40 mL with graduation marks. Meets EN 14350-1 for Child use and care articles - Drinking Equipment. Reprocessing: Clean and scrub in soapy water to remove any soil. Sterilization - Steam Autoclaving: 136 °C (276 °F), 2.0 kg/cm2, 10-20 minutes Disinfection - Boiling in clean water, 10 minutes. Read the User Guide completely before use.

Nifty Feeding Cup – 3-Pack – Reusable Feeding Cup

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